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Saturday, April 30, 2011

teaspoon of sugar

You are my teaspoon of sugar
 When I embrace you
I taste the sweetness

You are my jar of berry jam
When I hold your hand
I touch the sweetness

You are my chunk of chocolate
When I take a bite
You kiss me back

 You are my jug of honey
You hold my hand
And never let go

You are my teaspoon of sugar
When you hug me
The sweetness scatters all over

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the floating sky

the great galaxy,
the orbiting planets,
the shooting stars

the blue sky,
the fluffy clouds,
the sunny air

the tree trunk, 
the tree branch, 
the falling leaf

the baby seed,
the stretching stem,
the newborn leaflet

the boy
the girl
and the love

kept in my mailbox

you were stuck in the mailbox
i wanted to send you out
but i couldn't
because you refused to leave

the love was stuck in the mailbox
i wanted to send the love
but i couldn't
because the love was too strong

my love was stuck in the mailbox
i wanted to send my love
but i couldn't
because i need my love

you were kept in my mailbox
and i didn't open it to get you
i had hoped it better was a surprise

i kept you beside the mailbox
and didn't put you in
i had hoped you could stay forever

and not leave,
and not sent far, far away...

where i might not ever see you again!

is eternity ever a promise

eternity is a promise
you find a person
that belongs to you

you find a place
where you and your person stay

you find a dream
with your person at the place and share the dream

eternity is a beautiful dream
you catch the flare
that you just ignited

you seize a rising star
that you just set off

eternity is a promise of fortune
you make a decision
for your future

you say the word
and pin your destiny

eternity is a big word
and it means a lot from the heart
but does it remain within a tenuous soul
does it abide in a promised love the word ever a promise?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the sky is bright

the sky is bright
I see it shining
brighter than the sun

the sky is vast
I see it expanding
bigger than the ocean

we're looking at the same sky
but I can't see you...