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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Never chase love; it will come naturally.

If you cannot be faithful, don't make a promise.

Being left alone is better than being cheated on.

When you're left alone, you have a life to go on.
When your lover leaves you, you don't chase, 
but you go the other direction for a new and different life
on the other side of the world.
You have a new, blank life to finish
and to start it however you wish.
New chances, that is.


When you're being cheated on, 
you feel that dumbness has been over you
for the whole damn time.
You feel messed up and jealousy fills you up.
Jealousy to hate the other person that your promised lover went for.
Jealousy that leads to revenge, that may turn you wild.
When your lover breaks the promise, you don't hesitate to wait.
Life goes on, and you have the opportunity to start a new life.
Even when you're not ready, cross the bridge when you come to it.
Things will turn out all right.

Mistakes teach like nobody can.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Everybody has the right to be regretful. Mistakes are the only things that move your forward.


has a mind worth sharing
has a heart worth loving

has the right to smile
has the right to laugh hard

has the right to be regretful
has the right to be smart
has the right to be jealous
has the right to be anything

I have the right to
listen to my favorite song
sing my favorite melody
bake my favorite biscuits
buy my favorite Starbucks drink
read my favorite books
watch my favorite movies
spend time with my sweetest friends
call my dearest my darling

and so do you, my dear friend

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You know you love your planet. Now it's time to take action to save your planet.

Support Earth Hour. 
Switch your lights off for one hour at 8:30 p.m., 31 March 2012.

Go Beyond the Hour
We Can. We Will. Will You?

Spread the word!
March 31st, 2012. 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Turn off your lights, and believe that others around you are doing the same, holding the same heart with hopes to save our planet - the greatest home that we share!

For more useful tools for your website, visit the 60+ Earth Hour downloads website:

Now, watch the Official Earth Hour video to see what others are doing:

Watch the Earth Hour video and get a feel of what and how people are contributing worldwide.
Spread the word to your family and friends!

You might be thinking, one hour, only one hour, does that make any difference at all? It might not necessarily make a difference in your Saturday, but think of it this way: if every person in the world has his or her heart to contribute to this, to turn off the lights for 60 minutes in his or her lifetime, how big can this go?
How big would this difference be?
How big can your small action contribute to a greater cause?
How profound can your heart impact the world that you and everyone else share?

Read it
Do it
Spread it
Love it
Remember it

Earth Hour 60+

Get yours here:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ad for March - It's your planet; love your planet. It's your world; love your world. It's yours; love it and don't let go

St. Patrick's Day is on 17th March, 2012.
Know the history and love it if this special celebration relates to you.

Four-leaf clovers
spell out L-O-V-E
one for you and one for me
it's your bookmark
whenever you open a book
you think of me beside you
when you're done reading
and bookmark the page
you bring me to your dreams

It's a dream full of four-leaf clovers
we share this green and fresh paradise
it's ours and we will never lose it
it's ours and we will be forever dreaming
forever tasting its sweetness
forever smelling the perfume
forever embracing the world
forever living on this paradise
forever sharing this love dream

Save your love
Save your world

Earth Hour
31 March 2012
Turn off all lights
wherever you are
Take action for your world

Sunday, March 11, 2012

keep your nose clean; your heart is all you need to love someone

getting addicted is as easy as letting a helium balloon fly up high, into the sky
you try hard to not let the balloon go, but it goes anyways
you try hard not to get addicted, but it just comes to you
let it go, the balloons need freedom; let it be, you need freedom
believe it or not, you can get seriously addicted to anything.
and anything means anything at anytime at anywhere with anyone.

now it's time for me to send a postcard
to all my loved ones here and there, beside and distant, nearby and faraway
to all my loved ones I'll need a thousand postcards to send a thousand miles
but if I am to choose only those ones truly loved
who I truly love and trust, who truly love and trust me
there would not be ones but only one
one who is not nearby and who is a thousand miles away
at a distance so far that my postcard would have to travel a thousand miles
to reach this special and loved one
so special that the postcard will never have felt so much joy
to be in the hands of yours, dear

last year it was a glance and a smile
last month it was a note and a gift
last week it was a hug and a kiss
yesterday it was a phone call
today it's a postcard by airmail
tomorrow it will be me

wait for me, I'll be there soon
don't you go, because I'll be there soon

Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Ocean of Emotions

The ocean is so big that I cannot imagine how big it is
I can and would only say the ocean is equal to infinity
I doubt scientists and geologists know how big the ocean is
I doubt anyone who knows how infinite this infinity is

I doubt anyone who knows how much my emotions fluctuate
My emotions are so light that they fly here and there
and no one can ever catch a glimpse of my emotions
or the tracks that my emotions leave behind

Drenched in an ocean of emotions
I feel a sense of loneliness
If only you were here to eliminate all emotions but one
the one and only one that makes me beautiful
both on the outside and on the inside

A warm heart inside will naturally bring a beautiful face
Love is the one and only thing that makes a girl a pretty girl
Love of any kind from anywhere at anytime

Until your heart arrives and meets mine
I will be drenched in an ocean of emotions

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrea Paints Fiction - collection #6

you smile, I smile
a smile would make my day
I need your smile
to keep me smiling

Andrea Paints Fiction - collection #5

colors can be grouped differently
and you choose to do it
the way you want to

motivation is vital to life
inspiration is needed for success

your future is in your hands
you paint your fiction
it's your world
you choose how colorful you want it to be

Andrea Paints Fiction - collection #4

Get curious
Be creative
Don't fear
Take risks
Just do it
and achieve more

It's your life
You choose to paint it
the way you want to