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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ad for October - Bubbles for Halloween

No ads for July, August, and September
sorry about that!

This ad is for October, but not signed. 
Make it special, for it really is special.

High school life is chewing me up like how I chew up bubble gum!
chew, swallow, chew, swallow

But one for October
because I'm having so much inspiration today
October 20th, it is
I'll remember this date
must be special in a way that I don't know.

September should have been an inspiring month
because of a fantastic trip I had
it was a dream, and I was in it
but chewing gum swallowed me
when I returned to reality

but now I guess the inspiration were just hidden
they did not disappear, I see
they come back now!
they see me!

I'm glad, so glad
to have so much beautiful inspiration around me
gathered from all over the world
and wrapped together in a present
for me on Halloween
no matter it creepy Halloween or cozy Christmas
they're all holidays, all sweets
I thank the world for giving me so much

so much paintings, that is
so much art
so much candies
so much inspiration!

Time flies like marbles roll

Which is faster: 
airplane, jet, helicopter, rocket, spaceship, bird, eagle, balloon, hawk, dragonfly, fireworks, race car, rain, snow, hail, lightning?

None of the above.

Time flies the fastest. And it never turns back.

Easter just passed, I think. I have an easter egg chocolate here in front of me.
But Halloween is approaching, hmm, right after Easter?
Well that doesn't really make sense, does it.

Time flies like marbles roll
it goes random, here and there
it scatters on the floor
and gets me falling over
it drops fast to the ground
without hesitating and boom
my toes are struck
I'm trapped in this marble maze
somebody help me get out.

orange, yellow, blue, and green,
when will this rainbow appear
to lighten up my world
after this gloomy storm

dear paint, you light up my world.
like nobody else.
I'll keep painting
until the sun sets 
I'll pause and hug you
then continue painting
until the sun rises

when can I stop dreaming! somebody tell me!

Name me Season

Winter season is almost arriving!
Look at this meal signed last Christmas.
Missing it much!
The pain then brought a lot of joy that I share today
Likin' it much.

I'm feeling a cold already.
Fall, is it?
The seasons have got such beautiful names
I want to be a season
to be able to change my nature 
without being punished

when things go wild, so do I
so I change my nature
but people get disappointed

seasons disappoint people too
but what can they do to the seasons

so I want to be a season
who nobody can do anything to me
when I go wild.

One wish, one wish
A big one, that is
to be successful,
which encompasses
a lot more.
To be able to do what I had been doing
that hurts myself without hurting myself
that would be success.
where do I stand?
where can I ever see my wish come true?

The only thing I ever want,
for Christmas this year.
Santa, you're my baby!

Looking back

Looking through my cookbook.
Found this meal signed in June.
Now I should be signing October already.
Realized I didn't cook it. 
Or, more accurately, haven't cooked it yet.
I cook one meal at a time. 
I may prepare a lot of meals at once,
but will cook only one.

I think about
less than a year later
when I'm leaving
and starting a new life
it's one life, the same life, I know
but still it's new.
It's pretty hard to believe.

I think about
when I will feel freedom once again.
I don't even remember the feeling of it
because if I try to feel it, 
I will go there
I won't be able to get rid of it again
I will be inundated with spirits of freedom
thoughts of dreaming wild
when in reality 
I have to suppress freedom
and live through the battle now

who know when this battle will be over
I know, but how much more will I suffer
I know this pain will build me
like painting concrete in me
to prepare for the strong winds ahead
but right now it's just too painful.

I want to cry, yell, scream into the night
hoping no one would hear
yet wishing someone would find me
hidden and sobbing in the dark
under this bleak night sky

If I see a star, I'll go with it
I'll follow, to wherever it may go
If no star shines above
I'll paint my own galaxy.

I tell myself,
Keep walking, until the path ends.
At the end, there will be a finish line.
I'll knock it down, I'll feel triumphant
I'll be sharing the love
I won't be somber anymore

but don't dream yet.
because the finish line is not here yet.
It's getting near, but only if I don't dream about it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rio 2016 is All Daley's!

Keep Calm because Rio 2016 is All Daley's

Keep Calm and Love Tom Daley

and don't forget to support Tom Daley in Rio 2016!
Check him out here on Facebook

It had been a hectic week - assignments, reports, lab designs, essays, investigations, ......
Whenever I feel stressful,  I think of Tom Daley. That guy whose dream came true, who won something to show for all his hard work in London 2012.

Whenever I need inspiration, I think of Tom Daley. That guy who fought all the way through the tough times and found success under the eyes of the world.

No stress, keep calm, and carry on.

No stress, keep calm, and love Daley.

No stress, keep calm, and finish work.

No stress, keep calm, and thank Daley.

#TomDaley #TeamGB #Rio2016 #LoveFromAndrea

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My castle, dear castle.

I write what I want
You read what you want
This is my castle
I make the decisions.

Who says you have to go through hell in order to get to heaven.
But they all say that you have to go through failure and dark times in order to reach the top and become successful.

What makes sense?

Should I just focus on the now, or should I consider the future as well?
What's right and what's wrong? What's good and what's bad?

Things are limited.
Resources are never sufficient.
These are all I have.
Fate is controlled here.
Or is it not?

I wish Psychology was one of the courses I could have chosen to take.

Keep calm, but you can cry all you want.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gimme one more drink before I sleep

Valentine's Day is full of inspiration!

"Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option." - Mark Twain

Dreams are all over the place.

Wild ones stay wild.

Real ones come true.

August 23, 2012 - it's Chinese Valentine's today!

So many dreams here, which do I start with?

"Focus on the now, rather than the future" - said Tom Daley in an interview.

Dedicate yourself to working hard now, then you'll get to enjoy what comes next!

Nice to have a vision board, because you urge yourself to achieve your goal!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"All the hard work, effort, sacrifice, and dedication"

I have to say that this boy is scintillating.

Every girl with a smile knows that he's hot.
Everybody knows that he's a great diver.
Nobody missed out on the fact that he's an Olympic Bronze medalist.
Nobody would deny his athletic talents.

However, I wonder if his fans know how much he had been through.
I wonder how many of his fans are inspired by him.

I wonder, but that's not it all.

I have been inspired by Tom Daley, this awesome boy.

He says, 
"All the hard work, effort, sacrifice, and dedication..."

I was inspired by these very words!

Tom is tough, talented, inspiring, (cannot deny this fact in any way).

Dreams stay as dreams, but I shall find reality from inspiration taken from dreams.
And I will do that through my hard work, effort, sacrifice, and dedication.

I have trouble falling asleep.
I'm one year younger than him,
and I want to go to school with him.
I have to confess, I'm in love with this boy.

I wonder if Tom will ever see this.
I mean it, Tom really got me inspired to strive for success through hard work and putting in effort.
Tom, you're my very first idol, and you got me regarded by my friend as "one of those girls", and by this my friend meant one of those girls who "scream at hot guys".
But that's not it all, you really, really got me inspired.
Congratulations, thank you so much, I love you from my heart, I'll always be following you, and I wish you the best of luck in your future!

                    --Love from Andrea

Monday, August 6, 2012

You Smile, I Smile

You would be my true friend if:

You make me happy.
You make me happy just by being yourself.
You make me want to hear you talk when I feel crushed.
You tell me not to be jealous of other people.
You tell me that my life is my own to live.
You teach me how to put my tears away.
You teach me how to make everyday a happy day.
You also know that by being happy, you are making someone else happy too.
You make me smile.

If tears swell up in my eyes, you know that I am not crying.
Instead, you know immediately that I am overwhelmed by tears of joy.
All because that I have a friend as wonderful as you.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Be grateful, not hateful

Frapuccino and Cheesecake, Starbucks.

Church was inspiring.

I went to church this weekend for the first time after declining my friend's invitations every week before. I am not religious nor do I pray every day. After the experience over the weekend, I realized that the events happening in church are not solely carried our for religious purposes. This church in particular is for teenagers, and speeches are delivered each week on topics regarding teenagers' issues. The inspiring speech I got to hear urged teenagers not to fritter away their precious time on the internet doing pointless activities. Interesting, what I got out most of this speech was not how to stay away from the internet, but how there are wonderful and courageous leaders like the speaker who devote their time and heart to educate, inspire, and motivate teenagers like me.

In my high school I have undertaken a number of roles of leadership responsibilities. Head of the student government, lead organizer of service events in educating younger kids, etc., all brought me valuable experiences that would travel with me throughout my lifetime journeys. I was just thrilled to encounter a person like that speaker at the church, not only learning for himself, but spreading the spirits and inspiration to the 300 teenagers under the church roof, listening to his talk.

I find motivation in many things and actions done by others.

I find inspiration and courage in many things, and I guess, from many parts of the world. My next travel will take place in a months time. Excitement overwhelms and inspiration will take over. Curiosity awaits while I prepare with the best attitudes for my fascinating future ahead.

There are many keys to success, in which all are requisites.
One of them is the positive, optimistic attitude.

Be grateful, not hateful.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Andrea & Tea - July and Summer

Embark on a summer journey

ice-cream and sundae, tea and soda
sail away and away, out to the sea
racing towards half a sun
reaching before it drowns at the horizon
embark on this summer journey
and together we discover treasure
in this ovenlike beach shore
when we reach an island so beautiful

Now you have arrived
so sit down and have some tea
share this shore with Andrea
and together dream big dreams
until dawn the gorgeous horizon you see
is never again a fabulous fairy tale
but something real and can take you away
until night crawls over
and there we are, sleeping under a curtain
that is filled with sparkling stars
and again a romantic night
will never be another fairy tale
but a real, chocolate-covered night
on the sugar sand, under the coffee sky
is now ready for your arrival

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dreaming is impossible without stars in the sky

Once upon a time, there was a place in the world where happiness thrived. It was a place where the sun shone joy, where the moon lit cheers. It was the place where happiness was secretly packed into memories that would travel with the fellows to their future journeys. It promised a future life accompanied by joy and cheers.


One day, you would find yourself busy with life and gradually moving down a path so challenging but valuable. You meet him, you meet her; your heart changes, your heart breaks; you settle down, but trouble returns. You never stop battling with the world you live in. You fight with people, talking figures around you; you struggle with fictitious beings, in those dreams that make life hard. Life is tough because it consists of arduous journeys to complete. But you know that these tasks are inevitable, and the only approach to battling them is putting in your best effort and not giving up. Battle through the tough times, and your success will be much more rewarding.


Now you would look back, at the faded memories, and wished you could return to the lovely place where happiness thrived. You wish you stayed as a child, but with a grown mind; you wish you could replay your childhood and teenage years and create the different lives you could have had through different paths. Now if I had transferred to another school, if I had moved to another city, if I had studied in another country... I would have grown to become a different person to myself and would have made friends from perhaps, the other side of the world. But you would only have one chance to choose what may lead to your future; no replaying and no trying different paths. What you would have with you all along, which you would not be able to erase, are the memories secretly following you all the way to where you are now. Now if you wish you could have walked a different path back then, dig out the memories and tell them to quit secretly following. Bring me all that has happened, I want these memories to become alive again, I want to create a new path!

Now this is when imagination comes in, and when you acknowledge that dreams are part of the many other delicate things that lighten up your world!

Monday, June 18, 2012

There's a rainbow after every storm.

Life is hard, but there's always that rainbow out there, telling you that everything's going to be okay.

I guess I've never felt that love before. I may think I had, but no, I probably haven't. I may think that I've loved someone and they, too, have felt my love, but no, I may have been wrong. So wrong that I think I'm doing only the right thing. When lies are constantly told, they become the truth. Rumors, like bubbles, disappear when ignored. But they grow and increase rapidly when stirred. Dear, be a nice person; before speaking, think about what you might think and how you might feel if you were the 'victim' of your very own harsh words.

Let it rain, let it snow, let it shine, let it be!
Let go if it does not belong to you!
Oh wait, it's mine, but why do I have to let go?
Life is tough, dear!
But remember, there's a rainbow after every storm. The world doesn't stop spinning, time doesn't stop running. Life goes on, and your mind too, and your heart, too. Treasures are everywhere!

There's a rainbow after every storm.
Feel the colors, feel the sunshine.
Feel yourself, and you know that you are the one designing your life. You are the one and only one that makes your own life great.

There's a rainbow after every storm.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ad for June - you are sweet and ex-straw-dinary

June, please. Please be good to me.

"Luck is believing you're lucky," said Tennessee Williams.
I need luck, and I believe that I am lucky.

Confidence, imagination, and knowledge are essential to a good life.

In contrast, 
arrogance, carelessness, and irresponsibility are detrimental to life.

Confidence, commitment, cooperation, and contribution are requisites to a win-win situation.

Dear golden four-leaf clover,
you are sweet and extraordinary. You are beyond ordinary.
Your friend, scarlet strawberry
is just as sweet as you are.
Together you make the sky shine, make the world glow, make the galaxy sparkle. The universe is all under your control.
I need you, and that is all I want.
Make my luck lucky.

Dear strawberry avalanche, 
you have been here for Andrea for 14 months.
You were here whenever Andrea needed you.
Brielle doesn't talk much, but she loves you too.

Have a sweet, sweet June.
Then Summer is all yours to love.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

forgiving is the prettiest

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” ~Robert Muller


Forgiving isn't as easy as you think it is.

But why not forgive when you can?

Give like Santa, and don't expect to get any in return. 
Does Santa ever ask for anything in return? 
Learn from Santa, and be a big person.

Instead of giving things like Santa does,
Forgiving is the greatest gift for anybody.
It is also the best gift for yourself.

Andrea will reiterate:

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” ~Robert Muller

So, get rid of your ugly self, and learn to forgive. Forgiving is the prettiest.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Keep calm and be myself.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is nothing wrong with being myself.
I have my own world, and I choose how to decorate it.
My life is mine, and I choose how to live it.
I was born to be myself.
The greatest goal in my life in the world is to be myself.
And I choose how I do that.

Keep calm, and be myself.
And that's what I tell myself.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

"The journey is the reward." Hope is buried in tears

You see big bright stars
Shining and giving light to your future
Scattering support and hope for your way ahead
Completing and fulfilling your journey

You see tiny faint stars
Sparkling weak little fading lights
Trying to absorb energy from the galaxy
Halting and obstructing your journey

Sometimes things go well,
but at times,
things fall apart.

Smiles fight for the camera
Other times, 
Tears beat the rain.

"The journey is the reward."
Explore, fight, dive
Cry, yell, swear

Hope is on the way
But buried in tears
Until you wipe them off
and discover the treasure

Success is never easy
Tears are required to break the lock
Cry, cry, cry, and cry
Until the heart and mind find their ways
to unlock the treasure chest
in which you will find
a gold medal of success

❝I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.❞ - Michael Jordan

❝Success is dependent on effort.❞ - Sophocles

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A good story does not need an ending

A good story does not need an ending.

It makes you forget the world throughout, and brings you tears at the end.

"Never chase love. It will come naturally."

It comes naturally;
Your tears come naturally.
No need to hold it back;
Let them come and go.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Intoxicated by memories and feelings

Oh, and, you know,
It hurts most when I pretend it doesn't.

So quit playing with my mind.
A peaceful friendship is all I'm asking for.

And I'm glad the boy doesn't play with my heart.
Just promise that you'll be here through it all,
and I'll be there for you when the shit days pass.

te amo

Hey, I want to enjoy life, as much as anybody else does.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The journey is the reward. Life is Tough

Life is tough.
You meet obstacles
and encounter trouble.

Sometimes you just cannot reach up high enough
and sometimes the rain just pours down so heavy on you.

They happen when you are just not in the right mood
and rain pours when you just happen to not have an umbrella.

Life is never easy for anyone.
There are huge, tall walls to climb over
and there are rain, snow, and hail all attacking at once.

Sometimes things just scatter like crazy down on you
without you having any knowledge what has happened
or any experience to know how to deal with them.

But that's life
and everybody is going through it with you

Yet among the scattered leaf piles
you find this sparkling diamond
glowing in the gloomy shadows

and that is an indication of hope
which will certainly bring you forward
only if you try hard and do the best

Never can one rely on pure luck
some kind of work has to be done beforehand
always, always, always
no heaven will arrive to pick you up
if you've never fallen into a deep valley

And always remember
among those scattered pieces
within those gloomy shadows
there is always someone
there to make you smile
there is always a light
to lead you forward

You light up your own day
by doing the right things
in the right way

Life is never easy,
but you can find a pathway
that leads to your easy life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ad for April - Go ©Picnik if you're hungry

You've given me inspiration
and promised me an enriched future
with a life full of dreams and hopes
and a world of art embracing me

I know you aren't disappearing
You've just moved elsewhere
but I just like the old feelings
it just feels so much like home

I'll work hard
I'll overcome obstacles
I'll believe in myself and others
Hope for the future and
Everything will move along

I'll move on, no matter what happens.
I'll keep running, even if the rain stops.
As life goes on, my heart goes on.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Painting with your Easter Eggs!

Love Easter Time?

Planet Egg!
Enjoy your Easter Sunday with Choco Bunny.

Live a colorful life
Paint it by yourself
Let your world shine

Live a sweet, sweet life
Paint it with sugars and syrup
Let your dreams come true

Live a lovely life
Paint it with love, love, and love
Let your fantasy become reality

Easter 2012
The Resurrection of Jesus
newborn lives
in a brand new world
may the Easter Bunnies
paint you a beautiful world

Happy Painting,
Happy Easter!
Happy Chocolates 
and Happy Bunnies!

Best Wishes,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

reset your eyes, erase your mind

If you are afraid of reality and you are not ready to face it
don't worry, paint some fiction, and live your fantasy world
because you will find love and a colorful pathway
filled with hopes and dreams, painted with motivations and inspirations
that will lead you to your own beautiful world
reality is everywhere, and you cannot escape it
but you can make it prettier by creating your own dreams

Mistakes are inevitable and they are crucial
they are the only things that give you success
learn from it and change something
start with a dream, then explore boldly and make mistakes
remember what happened and give a change
explore more and find yourself a big step towards outer space
make it happen, then find that fantasy has turned into reality

things take time, effort, and love
dream, paint fiction, color the sky, and curse reality
It's okay to do so, because there are people just like you
doing the same, just somewhere else, probably far away,
but still on the same planet, sharing the same sky

the world is small, and there are people you have not met
who might change your life, or who that will bring you a new sky
don't be afraid to go out and explore, because you will never know
what has been out there waiting for you all the time

there is no point living in fear
erase the junk, reset the worthless
move forward, because time doesn't wait
paint your own fiction with colorful dreams

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Never chase love; it will come naturally.

If you cannot be faithful, don't make a promise.

Being left alone is better than being cheated on.

When you're left alone, you have a life to go on.
When your lover leaves you, you don't chase, 
but you go the other direction for a new and different life
on the other side of the world.
You have a new, blank life to finish
and to start it however you wish.
New chances, that is.


When you're being cheated on, 
you feel that dumbness has been over you
for the whole damn time.
You feel messed up and jealousy fills you up.
Jealousy to hate the other person that your promised lover went for.
Jealousy that leads to revenge, that may turn you wild.
When your lover breaks the promise, you don't hesitate to wait.
Life goes on, and you have the opportunity to start a new life.
Even when you're not ready, cross the bridge when you come to it.
Things will turn out all right.

Mistakes teach like nobody can.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Everybody has the right to be regretful. Mistakes are the only things that move your forward.


has a mind worth sharing
has a heart worth loving

has the right to smile
has the right to laugh hard

has the right to be regretful
has the right to be smart
has the right to be jealous
has the right to be anything

I have the right to
listen to my favorite song
sing my favorite melody
bake my favorite biscuits
buy my favorite Starbucks drink
read my favorite books
watch my favorite movies
spend time with my sweetest friends
call my dearest my darling

and so do you, my dear friend

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You know you love your planet. Now it's time to take action to save your planet.

Support Earth Hour. 
Switch your lights off for one hour at 8:30 p.m., 31 March 2012.

Go Beyond the Hour
We Can. We Will. Will You?

Spread the word!
March 31st, 2012. 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Turn off your lights, and believe that others around you are doing the same, holding the same heart with hopes to save our planet - the greatest home that we share!

For more useful tools for your website, visit the 60+ Earth Hour downloads website:

Now, watch the Official Earth Hour video to see what others are doing:

Watch the Earth Hour video and get a feel of what and how people are contributing worldwide.
Spread the word to your family and friends!

You might be thinking, one hour, only one hour, does that make any difference at all? It might not necessarily make a difference in your Saturday, but think of it this way: if every person in the world has his or her heart to contribute to this, to turn off the lights for 60 minutes in his or her lifetime, how big can this go?
How big would this difference be?
How big can your small action contribute to a greater cause?
How profound can your heart impact the world that you and everyone else share?

Read it
Do it
Spread it
Love it
Remember it

Earth Hour 60+

Get yours here:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ad for March - It's your planet; love your planet. It's your world; love your world. It's yours; love it and don't let go

St. Patrick's Day is on 17th March, 2012.
Know the history and love it if this special celebration relates to you.

Four-leaf clovers
spell out L-O-V-E
one for you and one for me
it's your bookmark
whenever you open a book
you think of me beside you
when you're done reading
and bookmark the page
you bring me to your dreams

It's a dream full of four-leaf clovers
we share this green and fresh paradise
it's ours and we will never lose it
it's ours and we will be forever dreaming
forever tasting its sweetness
forever smelling the perfume
forever embracing the world
forever living on this paradise
forever sharing this love dream

Save your love
Save your world

Earth Hour
31 March 2012
Turn off all lights
wherever you are
Take action for your world

Sunday, March 11, 2012

keep your nose clean; your heart is all you need to love someone

getting addicted is as easy as letting a helium balloon fly up high, into the sky
you try hard to not let the balloon go, but it goes anyways
you try hard not to get addicted, but it just comes to you
let it go, the balloons need freedom; let it be, you need freedom
believe it or not, you can get seriously addicted to anything.
and anything means anything at anytime at anywhere with anyone.

now it's time for me to send a postcard
to all my loved ones here and there, beside and distant, nearby and faraway
to all my loved ones I'll need a thousand postcards to send a thousand miles
but if I am to choose only those ones truly loved
who I truly love and trust, who truly love and trust me
there would not be ones but only one
one who is not nearby and who is a thousand miles away
at a distance so far that my postcard would have to travel a thousand miles
to reach this special and loved one
so special that the postcard will never have felt so much joy
to be in the hands of yours, dear

last year it was a glance and a smile
last month it was a note and a gift
last week it was a hug and a kiss
yesterday it was a phone call
today it's a postcard by airmail
tomorrow it will be me

wait for me, I'll be there soon
don't you go, because I'll be there soon

Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Ocean of Emotions

The ocean is so big that I cannot imagine how big it is
I can and would only say the ocean is equal to infinity
I doubt scientists and geologists know how big the ocean is
I doubt anyone who knows how infinite this infinity is

I doubt anyone who knows how much my emotions fluctuate
My emotions are so light that they fly here and there
and no one can ever catch a glimpse of my emotions
or the tracks that my emotions leave behind

Drenched in an ocean of emotions
I feel a sense of loneliness
If only you were here to eliminate all emotions but one
the one and only one that makes me beautiful
both on the outside and on the inside

A warm heart inside will naturally bring a beautiful face
Love is the one and only thing that makes a girl a pretty girl
Love of any kind from anywhere at anytime

Until your heart arrives and meets mine
I will be drenched in an ocean of emotions

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrea Paints Fiction - collection #6

you smile, I smile
a smile would make my day
I need your smile
to keep me smiling

Andrea Paints Fiction - collection #5

colors can be grouped differently
and you choose to do it
the way you want to

motivation is vital to life
inspiration is needed for success

your future is in your hands
you paint your fiction
it's your world
you choose how colorful you want it to be