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Thursday, April 5, 2012

reset your eyes, erase your mind

If you are afraid of reality and you are not ready to face it
don't worry, paint some fiction, and live your fantasy world
because you will find love and a colorful pathway
filled with hopes and dreams, painted with motivations and inspirations
that will lead you to your own beautiful world
reality is everywhere, and you cannot escape it
but you can make it prettier by creating your own dreams

Mistakes are inevitable and they are crucial
they are the only things that give you success
learn from it and change something
start with a dream, then explore boldly and make mistakes
remember what happened and give a change
explore more and find yourself a big step towards outer space
make it happen, then find that fantasy has turned into reality

things take time, effort, and love
dream, paint fiction, color the sky, and curse reality
It's okay to do so, because there are people just like you
doing the same, just somewhere else, probably far away,
but still on the same planet, sharing the same sky

the world is small, and there are people you have not met
who might change your life, or who that will bring you a new sky
don't be afraid to go out and explore, because you will never know
what has been out there waiting for you all the time

there is no point living in fear
erase the junk, reset the worthless
move forward, because time doesn't wait
paint your own fiction with colorful dreams

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