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Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

oh, because when I shop, the world gets better!

COACH in Kaohsiung

because when I shop, 
the world gets better

why is shopping better than sex?

It's Fridayyyyyyy...or, in other words, the weekend!
Andrea has had a tough week...loads of work! tons of studying!
Isn't it always appeasing and lovely when two days of rest come, 
when you've just had your mind carry a thousand tons of feathers,
and SHOOOO they abruptly scatter all over the place
like fluffy winter snowflakes under a summer sunshine!

red white red and white
stripes stripes stripes and stripes
black white black and white
dots dots dots and POLKA! dots

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ad for July - Sweet Sixteen!

Happy Birthday from a million hearts❤

❝A friend is a present you give yourself.❞
Andrea had given herself a million presents - lovely❤

❝Count your life by smiles, not tears;
count your age by friends, not years.❞
16 times a million years old - sweet!❥

❝Friends are the siblings, that God never gave us.❞
If He did, Andrea would have had a million siblings - gorgeous❣

❝Not a year older, but a year better.❞
A year better for Andrea - because of a million sweethearts❦

❝Love is friendship set on fire.❞
❝The best thing about me is you.❞
❝It's as easy to stay in love with you as it was to fall in love.❞
The best thing about Andrea, is you.
Thank you for making Andrea's sixteenth birthday so special.
And, never forget, Andrea loves you. Dearly. Deeply. And Always.

❤Sweet Sixteen, Andrea❤
-xoxo, hugs and kisses

Saturday, July 9, 2011 Andrea's!

the season of love is about to arrive
and the season of a special celebration
is coming

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Refreshing Summer Sweets

❧ juicy watermelon mini-hearts for the summer ❤

❧ refreshing citrus slice mini-bike ❥

❧ rainbow-cherry pudding bites with chocolate sprinkles ❤

❧✧ sugary summer beach flip-flops and fish gummies ✧

✿✽ sunflower afternoon ❦ summer sunny dessert ✿✽

❧✩ cheeseburger party ✩ super french fries ✩
(it's a cake pretending to be a cheeseburger!)

❣ lovely summer lunch ❤ cucumber slices and salad sandwich ❣
(they're all cakes!)

❢❡ heaven of sweets ♥ rainbow lollies ❡❧

❧✸✳✻ macaron mini-burgers ✸✳✻❢

lovely summer sweet images from

Sunday, July 3, 2011

beautiful July

it's beautiful July
the season of the sun
the clear aqua sea water
slashes on the beach sand
together and away we run
let's embrace the season of July

it's beautiful July
the season of the rain
the cute beads of raindrops
clicks and slides on the window
forever and ever love will not drain
through the beautiful rain season of July

it's me and you
and you and me

send me a postcard dear
it's nice to know you missed me
because I missed you too

LoVe EaRtH

the stars fly away like dust 

t'moon shines the color of rust 

even the day seems to be night 

when at all will the world be bright 

the earth falls heavy on one side 

t'weight is never right to abide 

starving eyes are dazzling with flare 

when at all will the world be fair 

the world is dying dying dying 

people are praying praying praying 

do you hear me saying 

I miss you in the peaceful world 

earth supplies are used for mines 

n'bombers never hear the whines 

they only wash away the peace 

and render earth bloody with grease