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Saturday, June 25, 2011

it's okay to love

look at the box of crayons
scattered all around the floor
I'm trying to finish this letter
on the postcard is a beautiful shore
I miss you with me on that sand
 I have the wide brim hat that you wore
tears are bleeding from the heart
and I can't draw anymore

I know it's okay to love
but this distant hardship is pain
the plane has already taken off
I wish to see you back again
 you're the only one I think of

I pick up the note with four words
your sweet handwriting I know this
on it you said dear it's okay to love
you gave it to me with a deep kiss
you got me some sweet chocolates
and always wanted to share a piece
I just want to remember the feeling
you were everything and every bliss

I know it's okay to love

but this distant hardship is pain
the plane has already taken off
I wish to see you back again
 you're the only one I think of

you're the one
I think of

I know it's okay to love
my tears can overflow the rain
you were just so lovely like a dove
I wish to see you back again
you're the only thing I think of

I know it's okay to love
but this distant hardship is pain
the plane has already taken off
I wish to see you back again
 you're the only one I think of

I know it's okay to love
you're the only one I think of

❝ I know it's okay to love
you're the only one I think of ❞


Sunday, June 19, 2011


the road to love was painful,
was hardship, was close to never
the real feeling was impossible
was all imagination and dreams
was all before meeting you

after your presence and life with you
dreams are never just unreachable dreams
dreams are nothing else but a true story
life was never only pure imaginations
was all when you came into my life

you're mine

♥and will always be♥

"the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly"
- lyrics from Owl City's "Vanilla Twilight"

Terms of Characters and their Characteristics in a Tragedy

A tragic hero is the main character, or protagonist, in a tragedy.
A tragic flaw is a weakness in a character that creates problems for them.
A pathos is a feeling of pity towards someone.
A nemesis is an opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.
A character foil is a character with opposite characteristics of the tragic hero.
A hubris is overbearing pride or arrogance; the feeing that you are unbeatable.

These are Andrea's notes.
Inform Andrea for mistakes, or what you think can be added to the list by commenting below.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Afternoon with Andrea......tea party today

what is this? what is this? what is this?
it looks like a mere spherical cotton, fabric, accessory...
like the material on those kinds of floor mats...?
but on a plate? along with a dining fork?
shining like something special :O



Snack Time from Andrea's
is always great and fulfilling

lovely biscuit ball, sweet and crunchy, ahhhhh~

Have a nice afternoon tea party with Andrea C:

anonymous skyline


the sun is pulling itself down, down, down

behind the clouds, under the horizon

puffs rise like smoke from the mysterious skyline

cottons emerge while the sun starts to drown

away, away, away goes the flaming sun

for today there will not be another one

grasp this and only instant tightly, and wish

that sunlight will return for us to see beyond

the anonymous skyline

the horizon fits the width of your view

but only a piece of string that runs through

the anonymous horizon in the distance

will keep me seized of the chance to keep you


the skyline…horizon

oh anonymous skyline

you possess the one and only horizon

that shines of glory and glows of romance

I have this mere but seldom chance

once a day, to attain my loved one

ey mysterious skyline

to the far edge shines some glowing beam

that tells of a tale where two lovebirds see

the anonymous horizon swallowing the lit-up sky

and waits to drop it the very next day, for me

and my loved one

ey mysterious horizon

anonymous skyline...


Monday, June 6, 2011

Holiday! Dragon Boat Festival - June 6, 2011

Today is the Dragon-boat Festival, pronounced "Duanwu" in Chinese, celebrated annually in China Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia - on the 5th of May of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
If you are celebrating this Duanwu holiday together with Andrea, you will have eaten glutinous rice stuffings with various kinds of fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves. There may be meat fillings, yolks, shrimps, or sweet red bean mash - all kinds of delicious food eaten with the tasty sticky rice. This yummy Chinese rice dumpling is pronounced as Zongzi in Chinese.

Hopefully you will also have the same but more interesting feast for dinner today.
Also, Andrea is having a day off from school today!
The Dragon Boat Festival is a National Holiday!

Yummy yummy C;
`Holiday Greetings from Andrea` - Super Sweet Images!

Andrea has begun this post with a collection of pink themed foods.
Andrea loves sweet images, and she found a website:
with all the pictures she adore.

Andrea recommends these sweet images, 
from the super adorable site, or actually a sweet blog.

sweet, sweet, just super sweet.
have a super sweet day C;

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ad for June - Loving Watermelons!

Isn't this cute?
Andrea was having a piece of juicy watermelon...
and started carving letters out of it.
It looks nice under the light, looking through the carved out letters,
the words L O V E shines and glows...
quite pretty!
It wasn't difficult to carve the letters out, but lots of watermelon juice were lost :O
wonder if it was red watermelon?
I found a similar image online:
Quite different than Andrea's, but juicy and tasty as always ;)
yum yum juicy juicy!
and sweet sweet with love and love C: