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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ad for October - Bubbles for Halloween

No ads for July, August, and September
sorry about that!

This ad is for October, but not signed. 
Make it special, for it really is special.

High school life is chewing me up like how I chew up bubble gum!
chew, swallow, chew, swallow

But one for October
because I'm having so much inspiration today
October 20th, it is
I'll remember this date
must be special in a way that I don't know.

September should have been an inspiring month
because of a fantastic trip I had
it was a dream, and I was in it
but chewing gum swallowed me
when I returned to reality

but now I guess the inspiration were just hidden
they did not disappear, I see
they come back now!
they see me!

I'm glad, so glad
to have so much beautiful inspiration around me
gathered from all over the world
and wrapped together in a present
for me on Halloween
no matter it creepy Halloween or cozy Christmas
they're all holidays, all sweets
I thank the world for giving me so much

so much paintings, that is
so much art
so much candies
so much inspiration!

Time flies like marbles roll

Which is faster: 
airplane, jet, helicopter, rocket, spaceship, bird, eagle, balloon, hawk, dragonfly, fireworks, race car, rain, snow, hail, lightning?

None of the above.

Time flies the fastest. And it never turns back.

Easter just passed, I think. I have an easter egg chocolate here in front of me.
But Halloween is approaching, hmm, right after Easter?
Well that doesn't really make sense, does it.

Time flies like marbles roll
it goes random, here and there
it scatters on the floor
and gets me falling over
it drops fast to the ground
without hesitating and boom
my toes are struck
I'm trapped in this marble maze
somebody help me get out.

orange, yellow, blue, and green,
when will this rainbow appear
to lighten up my world
after this gloomy storm

dear paint, you light up my world.
like nobody else.
I'll keep painting
until the sun sets 
I'll pause and hug you
then continue painting
until the sun rises

when can I stop dreaming! somebody tell me!

Name me Season

Winter season is almost arriving!
Look at this meal signed last Christmas.
Missing it much!
The pain then brought a lot of joy that I share today
Likin' it much.

I'm feeling a cold already.
Fall, is it?
The seasons have got such beautiful names
I want to be a season
to be able to change my nature 
without being punished

when things go wild, so do I
so I change my nature
but people get disappointed

seasons disappoint people too
but what can they do to the seasons

so I want to be a season
who nobody can do anything to me
when I go wild.

One wish, one wish
A big one, that is
to be successful,
which encompasses
a lot more.
To be able to do what I had been doing
that hurts myself without hurting myself
that would be success.
where do I stand?
where can I ever see my wish come true?

The only thing I ever want,
for Christmas this year.
Santa, you're my baby!

Looking back

Looking through my cookbook.
Found this meal signed in June.
Now I should be signing October already.
Realized I didn't cook it. 
Or, more accurately, haven't cooked it yet.
I cook one meal at a time. 
I may prepare a lot of meals at once,
but will cook only one.

I think about
less than a year later
when I'm leaving
and starting a new life
it's one life, the same life, I know
but still it's new.
It's pretty hard to believe.

I think about
when I will feel freedom once again.
I don't even remember the feeling of it
because if I try to feel it, 
I will go there
I won't be able to get rid of it again
I will be inundated with spirits of freedom
thoughts of dreaming wild
when in reality 
I have to suppress freedom
and live through the battle now

who know when this battle will be over
I know, but how much more will I suffer
I know this pain will build me
like painting concrete in me
to prepare for the strong winds ahead
but right now it's just too painful.

I want to cry, yell, scream into the night
hoping no one would hear
yet wishing someone would find me
hidden and sobbing in the dark
under this bleak night sky

If I see a star, I'll go with it
I'll follow, to wherever it may go
If no star shines above
I'll paint my own galaxy.

I tell myself,
Keep walking, until the path ends.
At the end, there will be a finish line.
I'll knock it down, I'll feel triumphant
I'll be sharing the love
I won't be somber anymore

but don't dream yet.
because the finish line is not here yet.
It's getting near, but only if I don't dream about it.