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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time flies like marbles roll

Which is faster: 
airplane, jet, helicopter, rocket, spaceship, bird, eagle, balloon, hawk, dragonfly, fireworks, race car, rain, snow, hail, lightning?

None of the above.

Time flies the fastest. And it never turns back.

Easter just passed, I think. I have an easter egg chocolate here in front of me.
But Halloween is approaching, hmm, right after Easter?
Well that doesn't really make sense, does it.

Time flies like marbles roll
it goes random, here and there
it scatters on the floor
and gets me falling over
it drops fast to the ground
without hesitating and boom
my toes are struck
I'm trapped in this marble maze
somebody help me get out.

orange, yellow, blue, and green,
when will this rainbow appear
to lighten up my world
after this gloomy storm

dear paint, you light up my world.
like nobody else.
I'll keep painting
until the sun sets 
I'll pause and hug you
then continue painting
until the sun rises

when can I stop dreaming! somebody tell me!

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