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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love and Peace are Eternal - UN Day, a day worth celebrating and remembering

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." 
~John Lennon

United Nations Day is on every 24th of October.
Why? Because the UN was officially formed on this day in 1945.
Isn't this day worth remembering?

You make me dream
a dream so wild

You make me dream
a dream so real

You make me dream...
some dreams don't come true

You make me...
dream some reality

And you make me 
dream far far away

You drift me out to space
where the controls break
and I will rotate 
like a satellite
around Earth and wait
until you bring me back
 and I will then return
to see the world again

UN Day
Hello to the World

Make poverty history
would you like to suffer from hunger,
would you like to live on less than $1 a day?

Make illiteracy history
would you like to be illiterate,
would you like to know nothing?

Make gender inequality history
would you like men-only worlds,
would you enjoy unequal pays?

Make child deaths history
would you let children die of diseases,
would you let children die after birth?

Make maternal deaths history
would you want to see a child without a mother after birth,
would you want inequality in pregnancy care?

Make HIV/AIDS history
would you want  HIV/AIDS to spread,
would you want affected children without parents?

Make slum dwelling history
would you want to continue biodiversity loss,
would you want unsafe drinking water?

Make wars history
would you want hostility between nations,
would you want to see the world collapse?

The world we grew up on,
the world we carefully created,
the world we dream our dreams,
the world we share our hopes?

The world that belongs to us?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sky collects Stars; I collect Hope

Stars are scattered all over the sky,
and they are pretty this way.

My hope is not scattered,
because it is not pretty this way.

 Neither is it shattered,
because I have control over it.

Someday will be a bright day,
and I will turn lovely again.

What is it that I cannot do?
I can, I will, and I have faith.

Bring me along,
faith bring me along.

Fresh air is abundant,
and I will fetch a gallon.

My lungs will open,
and collect all there is available.

I will be breezy and blithe,
and good and gay.

No more pieces are seen,
but one single quilt you feel.

Stars are collected by the sky,
and I collect my hope.

When can I fly

I believe I can fly
Over and over the sky
Some forever goodbye

Why do I feel heavy
Some diligent mind
Working through life

How do I smell the far
Some aromatic formula
Emanated baking sweet

Why cannot I breathe
Are my lungs shut
Not allowing fresh air

How do I look now
My face, my hair, my eyes
Burn all the loads of work

How do I touch you
Some delicate being
Who will let me breathe

Why cannot I get air
Into my once energetic soul
Give me some lively intelligence

Needs to breathe
Too much stuff
Give me a hand

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ad for October - Dream Without Fear, Love Without Limits

Don't be afraid to try, but be afraid not to try.
A ship is safe in port, but that's not what ships are built for.

You live to discover, to explore, to dig deep and find treasure.

Here, a new season - my Autumn baby. October!
Find fun, enjoy high school. I believe I can fly. Make the best out of it.
No regrets, no remorse, no sorrow.
You can do it, you can do it, you can, and you can!
Be afraid not to try! Try, and don't be afraid!
You are safe in a lonely zone, quiet and unknown, but that is not what life is for!
L O V E  L I F E !

Find a sparkling star in the beautiful night sky.
Even luckier, you get a shooting star.
That's what you're shooting for.
You goal, over there,
high, up high,
reach for


History of Art - 100% Creativity! Andrea's the Admirer!

This is from a 100% creative T-shirt design.
Andrea loved it infinitely much that she copied it down, making one beautiful copy of the wonderfully designed t-shirt of artists.
I know, I wonder who designed this, I wish I had thought of this idea!
Isn't this just FABULOUS!
The History of Art, summarized here, brief and concise, cute and interesting.

Leonardo Da Vinci
Rembrandt van Rijn
Claude Monet
Vincent Van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali
Mark Rothko
Jackson Pollock
Andy Warhol

To see how accurate the creative design is, simply go to Google Images and search for one of the artists listed above. You'll see how this is "Magic", and how this design made Andrea admire the creator so much that she created a copy for herself and to share with you!