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Saturday, October 1, 2011

History of Art - 100% Creativity! Andrea's the Admirer!

This is from a 100% creative T-shirt design.
Andrea loved it infinitely much that she copied it down, making one beautiful copy of the wonderfully designed t-shirt of artists.
I know, I wonder who designed this, I wish I had thought of this idea!
Isn't this just FABULOUS!
The History of Art, summarized here, brief and concise, cute and interesting.

Leonardo Da Vinci
Rembrandt van Rijn
Claude Monet
Vincent Van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali
Mark Rothko
Jackson Pollock
Andy Warhol

To see how accurate the creative design is, simply go to Google Images and search for one of the artists listed above. You'll see how this is "Magic", and how this design made Andrea admire the creator so much that she created a copy for herself and to share with you!

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