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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Name me Season

Winter season is almost arriving!
Look at this meal signed last Christmas.
Missing it much!
The pain then brought a lot of joy that I share today
Likin' it much.

I'm feeling a cold already.
Fall, is it?
The seasons have got such beautiful names
I want to be a season
to be able to change my nature 
without being punished

when things go wild, so do I
so I change my nature
but people get disappointed

seasons disappoint people too
but what can they do to the seasons

so I want to be a season
who nobody can do anything to me
when I go wild.

One wish, one wish
A big one, that is
to be successful,
which encompasses
a lot more.
To be able to do what I had been doing
that hurts myself without hurting myself
that would be success.
where do I stand?
where can I ever see my wish come true?

The only thing I ever want,
for Christmas this year.
Santa, you're my baby!

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