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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ad for October - Bubbles for Halloween

No ads for July, August, and September
sorry about that!

This ad is for October, but not signed. 
Make it special, for it really is special.

High school life is chewing me up like how I chew up bubble gum!
chew, swallow, chew, swallow

But one for October
because I'm having so much inspiration today
October 20th, it is
I'll remember this date
must be special in a way that I don't know.

September should have been an inspiring month
because of a fantastic trip I had
it was a dream, and I was in it
but chewing gum swallowed me
when I returned to reality

but now I guess the inspiration were just hidden
they did not disappear, I see
they come back now!
they see me!

I'm glad, so glad
to have so much beautiful inspiration around me
gathered from all over the world
and wrapped together in a present
for me on Halloween
no matter it creepy Halloween or cozy Christmas
they're all holidays, all sweets
I thank the world for giving me so much

so much paintings, that is
so much art
so much candies
so much inspiration!

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