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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back from an amazing journey

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Aw hello there!

Andrea has missed five ads. Her last post was from October - an ad for October. But how about November, December, January, February, and March...?

It's April. Of a new year. New year has passed. And there are lots to say, lots more than can be posted here.

Lots have happened over the past five months when Andrea disappeared from AndreaPaintsFiction.

But no, she hasn't stopped painting fiction!

She was just building up fiction, looking for quality over quantity.

Lots have happened, and it's been amazing. I can't believe this wonderful part of my student life is just about to end. There's a new journey awaiting, a brand new journey, fresh and young. But I just can't seem to let the past be the past...I can't seem to let go! I want to travel in time, return to an even younger stage in life, to tenth grade and before, and relive those moments. There were lots of things that I could have filled my younger life with. My last two years of high school had been packed with non-stop activities. It's been amazing. I've seen potentials in fellow younger students, and I wish I could just return in time, relive, and rebuild those stages of my younger student life.

But of course I can't return. However, I can refill. Refill these missed moments in the future. And I'm looking so forward to that.

I've got plans for myself. Stored in my imaginary secret diary. You want to read them? Okay....but not now!

But I'll reveal one thing. You see that photo starting this post? Yes, I've fallen in love with those five boys. That's one thing I consider an "event" that has happened over the last five months. Okay that's it for now. (You go One Direction!)

And hey, I want to write a book.

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