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Friday, May 10, 2013

bring me back to fifteen years old please

High school is almost done for Andrea. She can't believe this. Scroll to the bottom of this blog -- you see that Elmo wearing a square grad hat? Andrea's gonna be wearing that VERY SOON......

Can't wait for university, a brand new challenge. But just can't manage to leave high school behind like that. Seems like I still owe high school something. Seems like there's a lot more that I haven't done. Even though I've done a whole lot OMG!

Funny things happen as the end nears! Still remember the first feeling of being a senior. Now, however, the feeling is totally different. Another feeling. That initial senior pride: we senior class gonna dominate the school.....nobody can do anything to stop us babyyy. But now: bring me back to fifteen years old, having a god damn crush on a sophomore OMFG. What am I to do now huh?


Dear Austin Mahone, why is your singing voice so sexy? I think it's your accent. That accent I LIKE. Come to prom with me? xxxxxx

Sexy Mahone from [] HAHA obviously, his website

I found it from Google images actually. Shhhhh.

11:11, my favorite song at the moment baby. THAT ACCENT.

Okay kisses bye xxx

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