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Saturday, June 11, 2011

anonymous skyline


the sun is pulling itself down, down, down

behind the clouds, under the horizon

puffs rise like smoke from the mysterious skyline

cottons emerge while the sun starts to drown

away, away, away goes the flaming sun

for today there will not be another one

grasp this and only instant tightly, and wish

that sunlight will return for us to see beyond

the anonymous skyline

the horizon fits the width of your view

but only a piece of string that runs through

the anonymous horizon in the distance

will keep me seized of the chance to keep you


the skyline…horizon

oh anonymous skyline

you possess the one and only horizon

that shines of glory and glows of romance

I have this mere but seldom chance

once a day, to attain my loved one

ey mysterious skyline

to the far edge shines some glowing beam

that tells of a tale where two lovebirds see

the anonymous horizon swallowing the lit-up sky

and waits to drop it the very next day, for me

and my loved one

ey mysterious horizon

anonymous skyline...


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