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Sunday, July 3, 2011

LoVe EaRtH

the stars fly away like dust 

t'moon shines the color of rust 

even the day seems to be night 

when at all will the world be bright 

the earth falls heavy on one side 

t'weight is never right to abide 

starving eyes are dazzling with flare 

when at all will the world be fair 

the world is dying dying dying 

people are praying praying praying 

do you hear me saying 

I miss you in the peaceful world 

earth supplies are used for mines 

n'bombers never hear the whines 

they only wash away the peace 

and render earth bloody with grease

1 comment:

  1. Environment, justice, and peace
    Pollution, inequality/poverty, and war
    The three worldly themes that Andrea addresses.
    "the world is dying, and I miss you in the peaceful world"
    Suggesting that I lost you because the world was not in peace.
    Now that it is in peace, I miss you.

    Is this a sad poem?
    Andrea actually made it as lyrics