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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The journey is the reward. Life is Tough

Life is tough.
You meet obstacles
and encounter trouble.

Sometimes you just cannot reach up high enough
and sometimes the rain just pours down so heavy on you.

They happen when you are just not in the right mood
and rain pours when you just happen to not have an umbrella.

Life is never easy for anyone.
There are huge, tall walls to climb over
and there are rain, snow, and hail all attacking at once.

Sometimes things just scatter like crazy down on you
without you having any knowledge what has happened
or any experience to know how to deal with them.

But that's life
and everybody is going through it with you

Yet among the scattered leaf piles
you find this sparkling diamond
glowing in the gloomy shadows

and that is an indication of hope
which will certainly bring you forward
only if you try hard and do the best

Never can one rely on pure luck
some kind of work has to be done beforehand
always, always, always
no heaven will arrive to pick you up
if you've never fallen into a deep valley

And always remember
among those scattered pieces
within those gloomy shadows
there is always someone
there to make you smile
there is always a light
to lead you forward

You light up your own day
by doing the right things
in the right way

Life is never easy,
but you can find a pathway
that leads to your easy life.

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