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Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Ocean of Emotions

The ocean is so big that I cannot imagine how big it is
I can and would only say the ocean is equal to infinity
I doubt scientists and geologists know how big the ocean is
I doubt anyone who knows how infinite this infinity is

I doubt anyone who knows how much my emotions fluctuate
My emotions are so light that they fly here and there
and no one can ever catch a glimpse of my emotions
or the tracks that my emotions leave behind

Drenched in an ocean of emotions
I feel a sense of loneliness
If only you were here to eliminate all emotions but one
the one and only one that makes me beautiful
both on the outside and on the inside

A warm heart inside will naturally bring a beautiful face
Love is the one and only thing that makes a girl a pretty girl
Love of any kind from anywhere at anytime

Until your heart arrives and meets mine
I will be drenched in an ocean of emotions

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