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Sunday, March 11, 2012

keep your nose clean; your heart is all you need to love someone

getting addicted is as easy as letting a helium balloon fly up high, into the sky
you try hard to not let the balloon go, but it goes anyways
you try hard not to get addicted, but it just comes to you
let it go, the balloons need freedom; let it be, you need freedom
believe it or not, you can get seriously addicted to anything.
and anything means anything at anytime at anywhere with anyone.

now it's time for me to send a postcard
to all my loved ones here and there, beside and distant, nearby and faraway
to all my loved ones I'll need a thousand postcards to send a thousand miles
but if I am to choose only those ones truly loved
who I truly love and trust, who truly love and trust me
there would not be ones but only one
one who is not nearby and who is a thousand miles away
at a distance so far that my postcard would have to travel a thousand miles
to reach this special and loved one
so special that the postcard will never have felt so much joy
to be in the hands of yours, dear

last year it was a glance and a smile
last month it was a note and a gift
last week it was a hug and a kiss
yesterday it was a phone call
today it's a postcard by airmail
tomorrow it will be me

wait for me, I'll be there soon
don't you go, because I'll be there soon

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