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Monday, July 23, 2012

Be grateful, not hateful

Frapuccino and Cheesecake, Starbucks.

Church was inspiring.

I went to church this weekend for the first time after declining my friend's invitations every week before. I am not religious nor do I pray every day. After the experience over the weekend, I realized that the events happening in church are not solely carried our for religious purposes. This church in particular is for teenagers, and speeches are delivered each week on topics regarding teenagers' issues. The inspiring speech I got to hear urged teenagers not to fritter away their precious time on the internet doing pointless activities. Interesting, what I got out most of this speech was not how to stay away from the internet, but how there are wonderful and courageous leaders like the speaker who devote their time and heart to educate, inspire, and motivate teenagers like me.

In my high school I have undertaken a number of roles of leadership responsibilities. Head of the student government, lead organizer of service events in educating younger kids, etc., all brought me valuable experiences that would travel with me throughout my lifetime journeys. I was just thrilled to encounter a person like that speaker at the church, not only learning for himself, but spreading the spirits and inspiration to the 300 teenagers under the church roof, listening to his talk.

I find motivation in many things and actions done by others.

I find inspiration and courage in many things, and I guess, from many parts of the world. My next travel will take place in a months time. Excitement overwhelms and inspiration will take over. Curiosity awaits while I prepare with the best attitudes for my fascinating future ahead.

There are many keys to success, in which all are requisites.
One of them is the positive, optimistic attitude.

Be grateful, not hateful.

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