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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dreaming is impossible without stars in the sky

Once upon a time, there was a place in the world where happiness thrived. It was a place where the sun shone joy, where the moon lit cheers. It was the place where happiness was secretly packed into memories that would travel with the fellows to their future journeys. It promised a future life accompanied by joy and cheers.


One day, you would find yourself busy with life and gradually moving down a path so challenging but valuable. You meet him, you meet her; your heart changes, your heart breaks; you settle down, but trouble returns. You never stop battling with the world you live in. You fight with people, talking figures around you; you struggle with fictitious beings, in those dreams that make life hard. Life is tough because it consists of arduous journeys to complete. But you know that these tasks are inevitable, and the only approach to battling them is putting in your best effort and not giving up. Battle through the tough times, and your success will be much more rewarding.


Now you would look back, at the faded memories, and wished you could return to the lovely place where happiness thrived. You wish you stayed as a child, but with a grown mind; you wish you could replay your childhood and teenage years and create the different lives you could have had through different paths. Now if I had transferred to another school, if I had moved to another city, if I had studied in another country... I would have grown to become a different person to myself and would have made friends from perhaps, the other side of the world. But you would only have one chance to choose what may lead to your future; no replaying and no trying different paths. What you would have with you all along, which you would not be able to erase, are the memories secretly following you all the way to where you are now. Now if you wish you could have walked a different path back then, dig out the memories and tell them to quit secretly following. Bring me all that has happened, I want these memories to become alive again, I want to create a new path!

Now this is when imagination comes in, and when you acknowledge that dreams are part of the many other delicate things that lighten up your world!

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