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Monday, June 18, 2012

There's a rainbow after every storm.

Life is hard, but there's always that rainbow out there, telling you that everything's going to be okay.

I guess I've never felt that love before. I may think I had, but no, I probably haven't. I may think that I've loved someone and they, too, have felt my love, but no, I may have been wrong. So wrong that I think I'm doing only the right thing. When lies are constantly told, they become the truth. Rumors, like bubbles, disappear when ignored. But they grow and increase rapidly when stirred. Dear, be a nice person; before speaking, think about what you might think and how you might feel if you were the 'victim' of your very own harsh words.

Let it rain, let it snow, let it shine, let it be!
Let go if it does not belong to you!
Oh wait, it's mine, but why do I have to let go?
Life is tough, dear!
But remember, there's a rainbow after every storm. The world doesn't stop spinning, time doesn't stop running. Life goes on, and your mind too, and your heart, too. Treasures are everywhere!

There's a rainbow after every storm.
Feel the colors, feel the sunshine.
Feel yourself, and you know that you are the one designing your life. You are the one and only one that makes your own life great.

There's a rainbow after every storm.

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