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Monday, July 16, 2012

Andrea & Tea - July and Summer

Embark on a summer journey

ice-cream and sundae, tea and soda
sail away and away, out to the sea
racing towards half a sun
reaching before it drowns at the horizon
embark on this summer journey
and together we discover treasure
in this ovenlike beach shore
when we reach an island so beautiful

Now you have arrived
so sit down and have some tea
share this shore with Andrea
and together dream big dreams
until dawn the gorgeous horizon you see
is never again a fabulous fairy tale
but something real and can take you away
until night crawls over
and there we are, sleeping under a curtain
that is filled with sparkling stars
and again a romantic night
will never be another fairy tale
but a real, chocolate-covered night
on the sugar sand, under the coffee sky
is now ready for your arrival

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