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Monday, September 12, 2011

The seedling diary. I miss you. sunshine love!


I only wait.
I plant a seed
to witness its magic

I miss a picnic
because you're missing
it's for two, not one.

the seed peeps into our world
storm bellows
deafening the seedling
the young.


the seedling sees sunlight
for the first time.
the storm departs
for a while
but leaves memories
on my mind.

the storm returns
I walk alone
to care for the seedling
it has grown tall
when you were away.

the young is left alone
amid the chaos and rain
sobbing out its heart.

I said goodnight, 
stars and rain, 
and go to sleep.
But with you, 
not yet leaving, 
on my mind.

morning arrives
with a bright smile
all over again
the young has grown
tall and is reaching towards
the sky, with a flower
held high, and proud.

sunshine love,
you make me happy,
you make me content, 
without you who will know
when tomorrow will begin.

Day & night,
I love you, 
I miss you, 
cannot live
without you.

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