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Saturday, May 21, 2011

love is a game

love is a game
and I am break
ing the rules

I was supposed 
to love you and 
give you everything
from my true heart

but I cheated
on the game
and rules were 
not my part

I remembered to get
you by my side every
single day and put your
arms around me 

until the day I 
broke the rules
but there was
a real reason

I had you around me 
all the time so I could
hug you anytime when
you were not noticing

but you found my
arms not around yours
anymore and I was 
breaking the rules

I fought against my mind
I defeated my heart that
reminded me of the rules
that were written before
we started the love game

but there was a reason
behind all the rules that
I broke
and you know that I will
 miss you

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