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Sunday, May 8, 2011

your heart mirrored my love

your heart mirrored my love

it was a hint orbiting all 'round you 

I felt the warmth when the sky turned bright blue 

the clear light in your heart was aglow 

the heart for desire was to show 

how much I belonged to you 

you took me to see the first snowfall 

and gave me a lift so I could stand tall 

you offered a tour for the day 

and I'd follow you all the way 

because I knew what was to come 

I got myself a pair of winter socks 

and you got me a pair of lovely gloves 

when nothing with us would go wrong 

and all the feelings could grow strong 

I'd feel like living in a real world 

life before you was only a dream 

nowhere could I ever see a beam 

'till it seemed all the times with you 

was like all my dreams had come true 

when I fell deep into your affectionate embrace 

I tried to look up into your eyes on your face 

but all I could see above 

was your heart mirrored deeply of my love

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