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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maupassant Collections [Chinese - French - English] Title Comparing List

So I've been reading these short stories by Guy de Maupassant, and I own the Chinese version of the 'Guy de Maupassant Collection'. But I prefer reading them in English - so I have been searching the net all day long, hoping to find the translated English Versions...with some success but leaving three unfound. In the Chinese version book, there are the French original titles, and I have tried my best to find the English titles of each short story, as listed below.

 Below is a list for comparing. 莫泊桑小說精選 中 - 法 - 英 篇名對照表

柴火 - La buche - The Log

修椅子的女人 - La rempailleuse - Lasting Love

溺斃者身上的一封信 - Lettre trouvée sur un noyé - Found on a Drowned Man

亂倫之戀 - M. Jocaste - 

首飾 - Les bijoux - The False Gems

復仇記 - Une vendetta - The Vendetta

獲得勳章了!- Decore - The Legion of Honor

明智的抉擇 - Un sage - 

邂逅 - Rencontre - The Meeting

幸福 - Le bonheur - 

脂肪球(羊脂球)- Boule de Suif - Ball of Fat

Inform Andrea for any mistakes and she will correct them as soon as possible!
So Andrea has not found the highlighted ones...if you know, may you please comment below to help her? Andrea will be very very very and super thankful  C;

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  1. Hi, I'm reading some of those stories too, here's a website with alot of Maupassant's shortstories.
    Hope you enjoy x