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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Find Happiness in Failure

Failure is never a full failure.
Nothing is a complete failure.

When one fails at one thing,
one will not fail at another.

This is Andrea's theory.
Which subject area does this lie in?

Burying yourself in studying is not brilliant.
Yet spending all your time on 'extracurriculars' is not fascinating,
since one can never simultaneously achieve brilliance in both. 

So what does this say?
Failure occurs; shit happens.
Since failure occurs, no one would be alive without failures.
Since shit happens, one would have no life if it does not.

Failure is not bad and will never be.
If ingredients are extracted from failure,
they are manufactured into blossoms for success.

Failure is in the process of success.
Manufacturing failure ingredients is the key to completion of the product.

Success is a universal wish, yet each differs.
His differs from hers and hers differs from his.
But if neither finds failure before witnessing a wish-come-true,
then success has not yet arrived, and is probably not nearby.

Find happiness in failure, as failure is the key to determining success.

Now, reflecting is like blogging.
Blogging is like reflecting.
Andrea likes this, Dear HoneyBee.

May failures hamper our lives;
May failure ingredients be manufactured;
May happiness be found in failures;
May wishes come true.

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