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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blog your heart out

Good day, good day
good weekend

this is a hotel
glowing on a fall night
a pool at the pub
extending to infinity
pub music filling the air
and barbecue roasting
three couple chairs
beside the fireplace
cool breeze sliding by
winter shall arrive soon

the days are warm
the nights are cool
not enough sweaters
to keep me warm
but does it matter
when love is near

two years later and the time comes
I will see the most important time of life


Please, Dear Time, travel slower
I need time to grow up
I need you to prepare for life out there
Please, Dear Time, travel slower
I will enjoy the best moments of life 
before the big time comes

why...I see time pacing its way
towards the infinite infinity

lovely pool, it's my place
I'll be there, beautiful pub
wait for me, precious time

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