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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Honey, We Can Do It

I love you.

So simple, but with a meaning so intricate.
I can love anything - a boy, a cup of hot chocolate, winter breaks, a cozy afternoon nap.

But I loved something that I bet many people would never have loved.

I loved it, but I lost faith, not in you but in myself.
My heart is functioning.
My mind is functioning.
But is my brain doing the same?

Please do not let me believe that my brain is not functioning.
This is not what I want.
I had made this promise with you - that loving you is and will always be the great choice.
I have no reason not to love you, do I?
No, I have no reason, not one at all.

So I am still in love with you.
But please, I hate lies as well.
What is it with me?
Dear, Honey, get me back, pull me back into your arms.
I was stable when you were on mind. Always. You gave me the confidence I needed.

Someone, somebody, something, I do not even know who or what is was
who or that shattered my love with you.

It got off my brain, yes, my brain, not my heart or mind.
It was always on my mind. I was thinking about it. But not the right thing about it.
My heart was with it. I paid my full attention to it when I'm with it.
But my brain, my brain was working with it, but not now...

Honey, I need you, desperately...
If you can come back, I promise I will never lose you again.
If you will come back, I will promise that my promise will be a real promise...
Please, you are my hope, my future, my dear.

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