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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumn Approaches, meaning the Winter days are soon too

I see autumn approaching
the blue in our sky disappears sooner than usual
This means winter days are soon to arrive too
Why, Christmas is the warmest holiday

We stroll through the park
without anymore pavements
like walking on clouds
walking in the air
throughout the town of the sky

It's getting colder and colder
No more shorts and skirts for me
but a warm grey sweater
and some fluffy brown boots
this also means that
I will be holding your heart
every single winter day
a pair of heart gloves
that was under our holiday tree last year

Last Christmas
I had you so warm and close
and we shared our first kiss
under a tall pine tree
in the town of the sky

It's colder this year
I can feel the shivers already
But this also means that
our winters days together
will be a lot warmer

Whenever I get the shivers
Your lovely image on mind
Plus the warm pair of gloves that
resemble our hearts
and a cup of nice, hot chocolate
with the sugars of your love
plus a milky kiss
will certainly do

Come Christmas, come dear.

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