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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Away, away, to celebrate

Away, away, to celebrate
away from the ground
away from the planet
away, away, into the galaxy
away, towards the shining stars my blooming world
away, away, away
away to my own world
fantastic world
full of burning stars

this is us
would you know
this is us
I need you to know
this is us
our dream
we shall know

see that globe in the gypsy's hands
see the future doing great
see that globe in Santa's hands
see the holidays glowing bright
see that globe in our hands
see our shining dreams come true

see the marbles in the children's hands
see childhood happiness and freedom
dominate their loneliness
see laughter sound away and away
vibrate towards my galaxy
reaching near my ears
through the thousand layers of pain

I see you coming
coming and coming
away, away, from the ground
away from the planet
to the glowing galaxy
over the burning stars

above, away, away
from the thousand layers of pain
never did I know
life was easy

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