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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Andrea and Elmo+Cookie Monstaa!!! Dying!Dreaming!Elmo!

love love lovin' it
*the three cutiee photos from and

this lovely photo from, and Andrea somehow edited it

Andrea wonders whose photo this one belongs to...
and whose Elmo puppies!
Oh, how Andrea wishes she could have all seven of these cutie pies!
Friggin' cute monstaas!
Andrea: falling for them...dying for these rainbow cuties...
Can anyone please tell Andrea where in the big wide fabulous world to get these cutie Elmos?
Seriously! Really! Dying for them! OMFabulousG!

Andrea's midnight post - midnight dream - dreamin' of the Elmo cuties!

This is Andrea requesting help!
Where to buy/get/find these stuffed (actually alive!) Elmos!
Please comment below if you are willing to help Andrea!

This is a goodnight kiss - and great thanks - from Andrea :*

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