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Saturday, August 13, 2011

rainbow melody, your homemade recipe

up, up, up
high, and high
unreachable, oh
far beyond my grasp

an infinite number of colors
all the unique ingredients
in your love recipe

a paint brush
mixes the homemade
tasty, lovely, all the sugar
to take out love from the oven

freshly baked palettes, all so colorful
dark chocolates and vanilla syrup 
scattered with mint toppings
orange sweet chips
blueberry jam
 lemonade sparks
green sour and sugary 
raspberries sweetie and cream
topped with your warm cherry kisses

your extraordinary homemade recipe
found nowhere in town markets
I went down the next block
went in every single store
searched all over town
but came back with
not one treasure
in my hands

left with an item
not yet purchased today
on my weekly shopping list
but perhaps more luck tomorrow 
to search and pray all over heaven
just to find that list of homemade recipe
which will guide me to your rainbow melody

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