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Thursday, August 11, 2011

it's raining outside, it's the keys to your melody

good night
stars and rain
you're not in sight
but I don't feel the pain
because you're on my mind

silent night
but thunders and rain drops
I don't hear you sigh
but neither do I feel alone
because you're there
singing in my heart

beautiful night
rain, rain, and pouring rain
bucket after bucket
gallon after gallon
drops sliding continuously
unstopping, down my windowpane

lightning flashes, thunder roars
all like a live concert, under the night sky
thunderstruck, thunderstruck
can I cry, I fear the monster roars

but rain drops sing
and play the keys
to your melody
when you're in my heart
you're warm and safe
cozy and beautiful

like a harmonious piece 
beautiful music of the nature
it's you in my heart
safe and sound
you make my sweet nature
pure and lovely
and forever

I wish it could rain like this all day, every day
but you have to be by my side
and always so warm, because I need it
the warmth you give me
I need it

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