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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Valentine Sweetheart~* Chinese Valentine's Day

sweet chocolate chips sprinkled on vanilla ice cream
your chocolate love scattered on my vanilla heart
it's your pouring chocolate syrup, 
I savor your pouring love
sweet chocolate brownie, delicate and delicious
lovely heart's desire, the treasure that only we share

it's a ring on a beaded necklace
it's a star on a love-made halo
it's our love chained together
forever, inevitable, unbreakable
it's every sweetheart's desire

Western Valentine's Day, only once a year
Chinese Valentine's Day, only once year
but together throughout many years,
we've together celebrated many days of Valentines
one thing: we're in love
two reasons: it's easy, and it's okay
three words: I Love You

ohhhh another three words before Andrea leaves: Happy Valentine's Day

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