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Friday, August 26, 2011

Start of Something New - Coming up! September!

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[Coming up for September - AndreaAds]

It's Thursday night. Five more days, and August ends. Actually, six. Four more days, summer ends. Summer 2011, four more days, exactly. An official test on Saturday. That's one more day. After tonight, after tomorrow night. Yes, I'm all ready! Waiting with anticipation for the first day of a brand new semester to be remembered as magnificent and magnificent and all the way beyond super-magnificence!

A year is full of experiences, and best of all, memories
I don't have a grand appearance, I'm not filled with superb intelligence, but best of all, 
I've got the ability to keep sweet memories in the mind and save them for the heart, for the future, for the soul. The soul within two people...remember? Friendship is one mind in two bodies. Love is one heart in two bodies. Together, the heart is a whole, a unity, a single perfect soul. I'm glad for myself that I have this precious ability to treasure my dearest memories; moreover, I'm more than ever glad that I can forget awful memories...yes, lock awesome ones in the heart, and lock awful ones outside the heart. Memories.

For a student like me, a new year is not January the first, but the first day of school of another year. A year towards my future dreams, towards my future life, towards a splendid billions of wonderful moments to be cherished and reminisced in the future, with friends whom with me together paint the most beautiful drawings of a student's lifetime. Hard work awaits, punches me every single day, only for the promise of a brilliant future. Look ahead, be brave. A bright day will greet you tomorrow morning, and a smile brighter than the sun will be waiting to make your day.

Smile, love!
I don't know how long forever will be. I don't know what the future holds. But as long as I'm with you, I will cherish our beautiful moments together, and make the best out of my life. These moments will be those that you and another girl will never have, those that another boy and I will never share.
hold hands, forever, and forever
always, and always remember
this feeling when our hands are in one another's
remember that we share a life together

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