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Monday, August 1, 2011

Love is friendship on fire

Love is friendship on fire
August already...time flies before you realize it
Mid summer, great great great, and the start of another promising season
New - and new -
All's new

A warm greeting into a new month, 
start of a brilliant season 
well, not actually a start
it's mid-summerrr!

but...start of a refreshed mind, and all C":
August, sweet as always.
Lovely as the others.
Summer, tan tan tan!

Andrea had finished work...had been diligent throughout July!

quite satisfied, really
had been feeling content, full-minded (is that even a word?), brain now fully stuffed, etc.
yikes p:

but hey Andrea,
you haven't started any poetry in a while...
Good point.

Had been collecting photos.
Cutest images, you see?

Andrea has collected a total of nine flags, by the way, credits to the super cutie foods

Had been hard-working, so now, back to work Andrea!
Back to poetry - and hopefully better better BETTER ones!

need some poetry, really. had been quite redundant on themes
Andrea doesn't usually post blabs hmmmm.
only poetry. and yes, this will be the last...hopefully...blab, once in a while
C": Happy Vacations Dearests

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